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Thank you for visiting this Maids/FDWs' employer website. This site is populated by Winter, a FDW's employer cum special needs mum who started blogging at "Life as a Singapore Domestic Maid's employer".  I hope my blog can one day become a one-stop online resource centre.

Singapore is a pro-maid, pro-source country and pro-agency country that does not protect Foreign Domestic Workers' (maid) employers.  The rights of Employers are short changed.  We are treated like ATM machines and not human beings or citizens.  The welfare and needs of Employers are intentionally neglected by M O M  (read)  Employers paid and trained FDWs using our time (annual/unpaid leave) and savings but how many didn't disappoint us?  How many made Employers felt FDWs are great helpers?  How many are worth the dollars Employers paid, amounting to about S$1600 per FDW, per month?  You don't believe?  You felt I'm calculative or this is a tiny amount?  You must be somebody earning a lot.  Please get down from your ivory tower and see who are the poor or middle income group who need to save in order to sustain life in Spore.  别做井底之蛙 或关在象牙塔, 张开眼睛看清楚何谓低收入,人间疾苦而你却高高在上 目空一切

Read "Cost to Employ Maid" and "Who earns lesser than FDWs"?


Singapore government (PAP) and organisation such as Ministry of Manpower Singapore  (MOM homepage), HOME (a centre for runaway or maids who cannot take 'hardship') and Association of Employment Agencies (AEAS) strongly felt maids are incapable of making employers' lives miserable.   Modern Singapore maids have bad working attitude, unwilling to be trained as good helpers, pampered, demanding, 'naive' and scheming ..... all due to activists, source countries, maid agencies and policy makers (MOM/PAP) who created these unappreciative human beings! 

Read:  "What Maids did", "Net savvy maid", "Maids in Spore" and "Pitiful Maid vs Employer".

FDW's Employers are leading a tough life yet no organisation or minister want to look at us, understand our concerns and woes are genuine.  There's a need to highlight there are many FDWs' employers victimised by the agencies and maids, as well as MOM, not physically but mentally and financiallyMany people don't believe this.  I am trying my best to put all the pieces (info) scattered everywhere in one piece (into this site) so as to better illustrate what FDWs' employers are facing nowadays. 

Read the consolidated evidence and frustration in my blog

I hope Spore FDWs' employers will benefit and learn how to protect yourself from this one-stop FDW resource centre.  Those who intend to hire a maid, think thrice.  Is it a necessity, entitlement or you're trying to show you have money nowhere to spend.  You are unlikely to be reciprocated by being extremely nice to your live-in domestice helper.  What you gave, FDW felt she deserves it, regardless she did a terrible or satisfactory job in your household.  


Maids felt Employers owe them a good life, some knew MOM's pro-maid policy (loopholes) so purposely come here to take advantage of us ... such deals don't exist in their own countries.  

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I don't get any fee for helping anybody or forum to generate higher readership - source hyperlinks or site name are provided to prove the accuracy of info extracted.   

What to do if you're financially and mentally bullied by a maid?

You can feedback to Ministry of Manpower (MOM).... unlikely to get good advice, prompt assistance especially if faced with runaway maid and irresponsible maid.  If more of you feedback to MOM, Manpower minister and your district minister, it may make the policy makers wake up from dreamland and face reality.  Let more people know the world has changed, FDWs/Domestic maids are not vulnerable in Singapore, the little red dot! Read this


If you are not happy, send me back to agency or I want to transfer.... sounds familiar? You've interviewed your maid before processing payment and documentation; told her the job requirements and expectations but on Day One, your new FDW claims she doesn't know the jobscope and made you felt cheated.  A maid who has worked only 3 days is capable of saying she wants to go home (at Employer's cost), runaway or requested to be sent back to agency (find better employment at Employer's cost) so don't be surprised how well informed; 'well trained' FDWs are by their maid agencies and 'sisters/cousins'.  As long as MOM's policies are not tweaked, you'll hear and face this kind of FDWs more often. 

Read "Unfair MOM policies"  and "Maid/FDW's dental and medical"


Ministry of Manpower  hasn't reviewed its policies and protocols, look at fairness and show consideration for employers, we, Employers of FDWs won't be in such bad state. MOM takes allegations by FDWs on well-being issues seriously, especially if they concern physical abuse but not the well-being of employers or our loved ones.  Example, a disobedience maid fall from the window, despite your stern reminder/instructions about safety, the law and activists pointed you as a bad employer, a killer if your maid is dead.  The law expects Employer or your family members to be eagles and watch your maid closely, ensure she is really safe and not forgetful. 


Maids behaved like playful kids, treated things or her life lightly (Read about Indonesian maid who fell to her death using makeshift rope) and made you as well as family members become her babysitter, not forgeting you're the cost centre for whatever problems or expenses due to your lousy/irresponsible FDW.  If your children were ill-treated by FDWs (Read about Pinoy maid kicks boy), does MOM protects Employers or the children - the future pillars of Spore?  Sadly no. 

If such FDWs are reported, there's a risk of upfront loan/placement fees being eaten by maid agency and you have to bear air-ticket as repatriation, a free ticket home although people know she is bad, you are not at fault.  Easily S$3000 fly away, is this small money to you?  MOM justs want to control us but not keen to regulate the behaviour and work of FDWs.  Isn't this a 变态 form of punishment for hiring maids?  


To get rid of a bad maid, means you're forced to allow such maid to be transferred to another unlucky employer, in order to 'keep' your outstanding loan and get a replacement; you will need to pay agency lodging fee for that outgoing maid, pay new  maid agency fee (if your current agency has nobody to offer) and continue to pay FDW's monthly levy to MOM for that outgoing FDW ...till her name is officially out of your household. Recycling of errant or lousy maid isn't an ethical option but we were forced by MOM to be selfish. If you've a better option, don't hire a maid.   I am sure you can consider childcare centre, eldercare centre, part-time hourly domestic maids, relatives, etc.  You are unlike me, totally left with no other feasible options - no strong support nor help from in law, parents, special needs/integrated childcare centres, etc.... not even an elderly to help me supervise my maid (in my house). 

Not many people can accept a special needs person circling or bothering them.  Some people gave me those unbearable or sickening looks when my girl screamed or appeared naughty.


Read "Forced to employ Maid" and "Spore Special Needs" 


MOM hasn't consider us, FDW's employers are merely salaried persons. I am a mother cum full-time working woman who manages a household; not a company or charity organisation.  Why so harsh to us/me?  There are bad employers but why blanket cover those who are trying or had been nice to their FDWs?  We are bullied because maids are too clever, closely connected via technology and 'too well trained' on how to manage us, as well as skive.  The title "Employer" bears unnecessary weight.

Read: Why create a blog?


Modern maids are here to fleece on you, they flew here with wrong working mentality - holidaying cum easy work +high salary (higher than Spore low income workers.  Read "Who are the poor-take home pay is lesser than maids").  Some FDWs are pampered daughters in their home countries and cannot accept (in their hearts) the job title of 'Maid' nor carry out duties assigned (too prideful, self-centred or mentally not ready to work).  They have unrealistic expectations from Employers and thought they should live life better than their employers, better than what they should get if employed in home countries. Isn't it the source country's duty to ensure all its citizen has adequate food and a decent job?  How come it becomes Singapore's responsibility to treat foreigners many times better than the source country? Why make it look like we owe foreigners a rosy life?  Why MOM/PAP make the middle income citizen cum FDW's employer be sandwiched, bear the risks, losses and face more unsuitable FDWs .... standing at a disadvantage while maid agencies, MOM and source countries continue happily counting 'blood stained money'?


If life or employment terms are not 3 times better than in source country, who would any woman be so stupid to come here work as FDW?  Don't tell me FDWs were conned to come.  If cheated to come to Spore, the gate keepers - the source countries, why aren't you protecting your citizens against unscrupulous agencies?  How come you did not make the maids (your citizens) open their eyes to see the exorbitant recruitment fees before they board the planes and stop being greedy.  Why let your citizens come to Spore and be money making tools for agencies, then anyhow accuse employers for not paying them over the hill?  Are you telling me all the FDWs/Maids who come here are brainless/stupid?  Knowing the pay is low, the employment terms are harsh yet they still itch to come and suffer?  Please don't underestimate the intelligence of the FDWs.  There are bad employers, similarly, there are bad & cruel maids.  Why pick on employers and portray maids as weaklings?  A vulnerable person will not seek happiness (find men) at her employer's expense ... her priority is to work and send money home, not fulfil her sexual desire or get pregnant.  A married FDW committed adultery but was given the excuse she is a human, she needs love and men!


Read: "Maids in Singapore", "Maid terminated contract without any penalty", "Demanding FDWs" and "Net Savvy Maids"


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